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Are your Mac's getting old and cranky?

  • Do you depend on your Mac's for a great many important tasks?
  • Do you need your Mac's to always be available to meet important deadlines?
  • Do your Mac's contain your most important information assets?
  • Do random crashes, freezes or other problems generally occur at the worst times?
  • Do your Mac's suddenly forget today's date, the current time or how to see colors?
  • Are you losing time and data due to unplanned system restarts?

Are your Mac's operating at peak performance? If they aren't, then...

Computer Competency Group can make them perform like they did when they were new! 

  • Correct system file directory problems
  • Repair corrupted system software
  • Eradicate viruses
  • Identify "problem" software extensions and control panels
  • Increase system throughput
  • Apply non-license fee system updates
  • Correct potential problems before they occur
  • Identify areas for operational improvement
  • Suggest cost effective hardware or software upgrades

Make a modest investment that reduces stress!

Cost effective pricing...*

Single Macintosh system: $250

Each additional Macintosh system $75

Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

(407) 862-2636

* Pricing assumes access to all systems as required.

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Are your information assets adequately protected?

  • These assets are the life blood of your company
  • They are the result of many hours of hard work by your staff
  • Without this mission critical information your business cannot function effectively
  • Manual backup processes that use Zip, Jaz or optical media just aren't dependable enough - when you're busy the backup doesn't get done
  • It's not enough to simply archive completed projects
  • The cost of your information loss is measured in money, people time, client dissatisfaction, and lost business

Is your company's critical information adequately protected? If it isn't, then...

Computer Competency Group can provide the solution!

  • Install an automatic tape backup system for your Macintosh systems
  • Back up all of your work onto reliable tape media
  • Minimal operator intervention required
  • Protect your company against loss through fire, theft or other catastrophe
  • Make a modest investment that provides peace of mind!

Cost effective pricing...*

Single Macintosh system, on or off network $800 installed

Up to five additional Macintosh systems, on network $150 plus $35/system

For example:

6 Macintosh systems, on network. Total installed cost is $1,125 or less than $190/system.

Larger system pricing available upon request.

Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

(407) 862-2636

* Prices are subject to equipment availability, and exclude all sales tax and shipping charges. Multiple Macintosh pricing requires that all systems are resident on a functioning Ethernet local area network. Substitution of a tape drive with a compressed capacity greater than eight (8) gigabytes/tape will incur additional charges. Backup process requires MAC OS 7.5 or newer.

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Why subscribe to CCG's scheduled preventive maintenance?

  • An abnormal shut down due to a system freeze or crash, a power failure, or other reason, is enough to cause damage to your Mac's hard drive directories
  • New versions, or updates, of system or application software can cause a conflict with your existing Mac software that results in an abnormal system shut down
  • Adding a new application, control panel or extension can also cause a conflict with existing software
  • However, a software update may be just the right solution for a current or potential problem
  • Macintosh system problems can "grow" over a period of time
  • Sometimes all you need to correct a problem is the answer to a question or some expert advice

Computer Competency Group has a three part plan to keep your Mac's running with a minimum of problems...

1. On-site monthly inspections of your Macintosh environment:

  • Verify that all hard drives are being backed up as scheduled
  • Verify that virus protection is operational and install latest updates
  • Verify hard drive directory and content integrity and perform any necessary repairs
  • Verify that hard drive storage remains adequate and defragment hard drives, as required
  • Rebuild desktop files for each hard drive and re-create Finder preferences
  • Review software installed since the last maintenance session
  • Install minor operating system updates
  • Resolve any outstanding problems

2. Virtually unlimited telephone technical support:

  • Minor problem resolution and answers to questions at no additional charge

3. Special access to CCG's web site:

  • Access to CCG's customer-only area for software downloads, allowing you to quickly obtain and apply software updates

Cost effective pricing...*

Single Macintosh system $200/month
Second Macintosh system $50/month
Each additional Macintosh system $95/month

Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

(407) 862-2636

* Pricing assumes access to all systems as required.

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