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Computer Competency Group (CCG) was formed to provide value-added consulting services to the Macintosh users of greater Orlando. CCG focuses on a proactive approach to maintaining the effectiveness of its customer's Macintosh systems through a program of preventive maintenance rather than solely correcting problems when they occur. CCG can tailor a program of periodic inspection of customer's systems in order to prevent problems from occurring or catching them in their early stages before an outage can occur.

CCG is a cost effective alternative to committing in-house resources to ensure that your Macintosh systems effectively support your business objectives. Our customers depend on the high availability of their computer systems and the ongoing integrity of the information that they contain, and it is essential that the up time of these systems is maximized. CCG's preventive maintenance services are designed to support this objective.

When problems do occur, CCG is available to respond quickly. Through many years of experience in the development of software, and support of the Macintosh computing environment, CCG has developed an organized approach to problem determination and resolution. Many times, problems can be corrected, without the need for an on-site service call, through telephone conversation. When an on-site visit is necessary, CCG brings both experience and a software "tool kit" to our customers to quickly diagnose and resolve problems, and restore system functionality. CCG also has the capability to dial into a Macintosh computing environment and remotely access a malfunctioning system. In some situations, this can greatly facilitate the process of correcting problems and restoring a system to full operation.



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